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If you are ready to move into something unique, we promise to deliver a rich taste for luxury you won't currently find in this area.

Our founder is a seasoned real estate agent, uniquely positioned to seamlessly navigate every facet of your journey. With an astute understanding of the market, we assist you in sourcing the perfect lot, ensuring your future home aligns with your aspirations. Whether it's expertly guiding you through a purchase or orchestrating the marketing of your current property, our comprehensive approach ensures your transition towards your contemporary haven is effortless. Your desires, coupled with our expertise, culminate in a modern living masterpiece, a testament to innovation and refined taste. 

Founder Ali Ghaffari has years of experience in commercial development, project management, and construction engineering. MLG was formerly known as Rastack Construction & Design and focused on remodeling. Ali also holds a master’s degree in Structural Engineering along with an MBA from UNC Charlotte. To better serve his clients, he is a licensed Real Estate Agent in both North Carolina and South Carolina.

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