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Modern Living Group has a unique advantage when creating the home of your dreams. As a licensed custom home builder operating under the esteemed Highway Contractor License, we bring an exceptional skill set and expertise to the realm of residential construction. Our capabilities extend beyond traditional home building, encompassing a diverse range of tasks akin to highway construction. Our services include precision grading, ensuring a solid foundation for your home; meticulous paving using various materials to craft your driveway and pathways; the artful installation of exterior artificial athletic surfaces for your recreational spaces; and the seamless relocation of utility lines to support your home's infrastructure. Just as we excel in bridge construction and repair on highways, we bring the same level of craftsmanship to crafting your home's essential structural elements. From creating stunning culverts and repairing them as needed to building parking decks, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters that perfectly complement your home's aesthetics, our expertise knows no bounds. Our proficiency extends even further, encompassing storm drainage solutions to safeguard your property. With finesse, we install guardrails, fencing, signage, and ancillary hardware that not only ensure safety but also enhance your property's allure. Notably, we could extend our prowess to airport and airfield projects, flawlessly paving and grading runways, taxiways, and aprons, complete with fencing, signage, runway lighting, and markings. At Modern Living Group, we are not just crafting homes; we are sculpting living experiences with a blend of innovation, precision, and highway-construction excellence. Your vision, our expertise – together, we build beyond the ordinary.

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